Monday, October 17, 2011

Throwing My Hat in the Ring: Read Your Own Library Challenge

When I learned that I was pregnant, I decided to take some time off from my master's program. Now I'm bored. The Beauty of Eclecticism's Read Your Own Library Challenge looks like just the thing to keep my brain in gear and also to force me to actually read some of the books that my husband and I have been basically hoarding. The challenge calls for participants to declare their level of backloggedness, and I am definitely at level 3, "Biblio Rehab" (I must not set foot in a bookstore or library until after I've finished a challenge book for the month).

The book that I have chosen to start the challenge with is Robin Lane Fox's Travelling Heroes in the Epic Age of Homer. For at least the past year, every time I've gone into a bookstore, I've pulled this one off the shelf, and my husband has to point out to me that I already own it. Hopefully, actually reading the book will prevent me from buying a second copy (since I clearly don't remember buying the first). I'm not sure why it has taken me so long to read this book; I can only presume that it got buried in the stacks while I kept buying other books that I apparently wanted to read more.

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